Dancing Man


More kittens. These guys are all convicted felons.

Ella B Coyne has been breaded.

I’m not sure what Max was doing in this picture. We had just defeated the water guardian and were about to steal all his gold when he demanded we stop for a picture. I seriously don’t understand what goes through his head sometimes.

Here’s “the kitten who lived” joey Cobbler sleeping on a blanket in Diagonal Alley after winning the tri-wizard cup.

Is that enough Harry Potter for you?

Max hates picnic tables. It took me 2 hours to get him just to stand  by it without having a panic attack.

The Animal Summit of 2011 was cut short today due to a lack of interest on the part of the Kitten delegate, Yosef Popkorn. The senior Dog and Cat delegates, Maximus K. Dogge and Harrison F. Kaht, decided to hold the vote on nap time locations until Thursday.

Part 18 in the Harrison Sleeping Where He Shouldn’t┬áseries of photo-realistic oil paintings. Here we see Harrison sleeping in a basket of unfolded laundry; simultaneously keeping himself comfortable and distributing his hair everywhere.

Max made me drive him to CVS to buy him cigarettes and dip. As we were leaving, he pulled the fire alarm.